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'The Forest Foodie Meets.....'

Updated: May 4, 2021

‘The Forest Foodie Meets’….. What, why, how, who?

One of the key motivators for me, as the founder of The Forest Foodie – which we set up in July 2020, was to be able to really bring to life and to tell the story behind the origins of our food, locally. Telling the story of our local farmers, makers, bakers, butchers and producers and being able to share ‘foodie experiences’ with fellow visitors and locals alike.

How can we play our part in encouraging the importance of the circular economy of The New Forest? How can we truly support local businesses?

With some of the, and I mean THE best produce available on our doorstep here in our uniquely special corner of the UK – The New Forest - it was time to help bridge that gap, time to educate, share the love, tell the story further.

Throughout the next few months, I am going to invite you ‘behind the scenes’ to discover more about some of the brilliant people that we work with.

We have been lucky enough to have been asked to be on the committee for 'Taste The New Forest 2021' campaign by

We have teamed up for this campaign with Anthony, Carol, Rachael from Go New Forest, Michael Clitheroe from Balmer Lawn Hotel, Luke Holder from Limewood, Andrew Parry-Norton - a New Forest Commoner who also runs The Commoners Larder, Richard from Lighthouse Marketing who run fantastic events such as The Lymington Seafood Festival and Dogstival, and Tom from Sunnyfields.

It will be in the form of video clips, photos, interviews, content and we hope that you love it. We will be meeting local commoners, wine makers, bakers, cheese makers, fruit farmers and more. We are so excited to be able to share this with you.

*Please note we are not 'journalists', 'photographers', 'videographers' - just using our resources and passion to share these experiences with you. *


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