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Privacy Policy

What is a privacy policy?

We have a privacy policy to protect your personal data. We collect some or all of the following personal data: Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address.

How do we collect it?

Via our website submission form, via an email or telephone enquiry, or by entering into a competition at an event which you have given your consent for.

How do we use your personal data? 

We may use your data for one or more of the following purposes:

  • Providing information about your order.

  • Supplying our products to you, your personal details and those of the intended recipient(s) are required in order for us to process your order.

  • Personalising and tailoring our products.

  • Communicating with you – this will include responding to calls and emails from you, as well as confirming information about your order. We will also from time to time be in touch with some marketing emails which we feel will be relevant to you. 

How will you store my personal data?

All data held by The Forest Foodie Limited is stored in a secure and confidential database accessible only by authorised personnel.

We will remove all of your data upon request, if you notify us by email:

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