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Reflecting over 3 months and looking forward

The Forest Foodie has been trading for 3 months, a whole 14 weeks to be precise. The time has absolutely flown by and we’ve been bowled over with everybody’s support, so firstly a huge thanks from us, especially during these very strange times.

During the past 14 weeks we have delivered to 140 lucky customers, we’ve relaunched all of our hampers for Autumn to include more seasonal produce. We’ve exhibited at a local festival in Burley. We’ve had tours around a wonderful local vineyard Brook Hill (and tasted the wines, ovs), met the most wonderful award-winning chocolatier, Miss Witt (again more tasting…). We’ve teamed up with a local fisherman to be able to deliver catch of the day. We’ve cooked dinner parties for guests’ birthdays in both holiday cottages and on a boat. We’ve been certified by The New Forest Marque, the sign of true local produce. Next summer we will be delivering picnics to The New Forest Paddle Sport Company for their paddle board sunset cruises.

Taking a step away and looking back, wow. We could never have imagined to have got this far.

Summer holidays are over, and half term is fast approaching, as is (scarily) Christmas in only 8 weeks’ time.

So, we re-grouped and thought how can we really take The Forest Foodie to the next stage. Stage 2.0. How can we share what we do with those unable to travel, those wanting to share a little slice of The New Forest with those further afield. With Christmas approaching – this was the ideal opportunity.

That is where Crowdfunding came in. You can see our campaign here. In order to grow to be able to offer smart wicker hampers, packed with non-perishable local produce, we would need a fair bit of money in the bank to do so. Crowdfunding provides the platform to be able to raise money, and in return we reward all of our supporters with ‘rewards’, in our case – ‘Hampers’ or ‘Tasters of our Goodies.’

Do take a look – we will guarantee you a Hamper delivered in time for Christmas, at a greatly discounted price, and by supporting us you’re enabling us to launch this. We are 76% of the way there, and 9 days to go…

As always thank you. We couldn’t do this without your support, your shares, likes, comments, reviews, feedback, our wonderful suppliers, your orders of course and our family and friends. We really do do a little fist pump happy dance when we get an order, a share, a mention, a pledge on our campaign.

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