The Forest Foodies

Hello! I'm Flora Richardson, a local Lymington resident and totally obsessed with good food, supporting local businesses and sustainability. I've finally made the leap to share my true love of food with fellow locals and visitors to the New Forest. With more 'staycations' than ever post the dreaded Coronavirus, we want to make your holiday as special and as spoiling as we can. Outside of work you can usually find me on the water sailing, mountain biking, walking with my Labradors Sausage and Otter or drinking rosé at The Haven.

Hi! I'm Amy, a recent addition to the New Forest and so excited to be starting a new journey on the South Coast! I have a massive passion for cooking which started when I was old enough to hold a wooden spoon and make cakes with mum, and my love for all things food has grown and grown. It is a dream of mine to be able to do something I love and share it with other people, so The Forest Foodie has made this dream a reality. We hope you love what we are doing and have the opportunity to give us a try.