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How to support 8 Local Companies this father's Day

The number one driver for our small business is to be able to share our love of local produce with you and in doing so supporting as many brilliant local companies as possible.

For Father's Day this year, Sunday June 20th, we will be offering a 'Taste of The New Forest' for you. We thought we would pluck the menu apart for you so you truly know exactly where your food is coming from...

The Menu:

Homemade Scotch Egg, Piccalilli

Lobster Thermidor, New Potatoes, Microgreens

New Forest Strawberry Cheesecake Tart

Pig Beer (for the Dads or Dad Figures)

The Eggs: From Storms Farm near Cadnam, Sarah & Andrew Parry-Norton are commoners and have over 100 totally free range chickens roaming around the farm. They have a company called The Commoners Larder - where they can deliver farm produce straight to your door. We have been lucky enough to visit this farm. (It's also where we source a lot of our beef, pork & lamb from too)

Piccalilli: Jen from Naked Jam, a mere 1.5 miles from The Forest Foodie HQ. Jen is renowned for making the best jam, and pickles. She forages almost everything herself and has won many awards.

Lobsters: Caught just off the Isle of Wight by fisherman Mark. We buy these via Flip & Tails in New Milton, a husband and wife team who work tirelessly to produce the freshest and tastiest shellfish year round.

Microgreens: If you've not tried them, you're in for a treat! Fellow New Forest Marque members Pete & Grace run Lightfoots Farm just outside Lymington. (Neighbours with Naked Jam). These microherbs can be 40 times more nutritious than the full grown product and are incredibly tasty. Pete will freshly cut a tailored selection for us for this meal which will certainly include 'Purple Veined Sorrel' - which bursts with citrus flavours when you bite into it, a perfect compliment to seafood.

Strawberries: New Forest Fruit: Run by Sandy & Kate and their incredible team. In peak season they can pick 10-20 tonnes per day and hope to harvest 4000 tonnes this year. The taste is sweet, juicy and truly unique. We have also been lucky enough to have had a full tour with them (see our previous blog post).

Pig Beer: Another fellow New Forest Marque Member based in Brockenhurst. Founded by brothers Tom & Lawrence and their cousin Harry they create crisp. refreshing and flavourful beers. Made on an old Pig Farm these guys grow their own hops, and work in a very sustainable way by collecting thousands of litres of waste water to irrigate the hops, and produce some seriously tasty beer. We will be including two beers to all the Dads or Father Figures out there.

New Pots & Rocket: Shallowmead Farm Shop: Run by Stuart & Tracy they have done an incredible job of setting up a brand new Farm Shop during lockdown at Shallowmead Nurseries in Boldre, as well as in Angel Courtyard in Lymington - formally Roots & Fruits. Shallowmead have also just become New Forest Marque members too.

How does it work? To order please email us on and let us know how many people you would like it for. We will then deliver it on Father's Day - along with full - very simple - instructions of how to finish it at home. All you will need is a grill to grill the lobsters, and a hob to cook some new potatoes. The rest is all ready to eat.

(£49.50 per head.)

We do have limited availability so do get your orders in quickly!

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