- Garlic Mayonnaise - The Isle of Wight Garlic Farm. Our number one choice with any seafood.

- Garlic Stuffed Olives - The Isle of Wight Garlic Farm. Divine with a glass of wine or with a picnic. Very moor-ish.

- Savoury Biscotti - The Artful Baker in Christchurch. Paul set up the business in 2016 adding excitement and innovation to the traditional biscotti. They now bake over 5 million biscotti a year.

- Pig 'n' Pickles Chutney, made by Trevor, New Forest Based

- Chilli & Crab Apple Jelly - by Naked Jam, Lymington. Foraged and a true delight.

- Olive Oil - The Olive Architects, Boldre, New Forest. Their collection of natural olive oil is handpicked, infused, bottled and marketed locally. The family olive trees lie in Crete with the Stefanoudakis family who produce over 35,000 litres of natural virgin golden olive oil each year.

- Luxury Charcoal Crackers, The Isle of Wight Biscuit Company

- Presented amongst natural wood wool in a 16" Wicker Hamper with leather buckles.