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Who Are The People behind the products in our Hampers?

Unlike big companies we don’t work with HR directors, Sales Directors, Account Managers or Reps...

We work directly with the makers, bakers and creators themselves.

We visit their kitchens to collect the jams and chocolates and never expect them to be ‘couriered’ to us. We spend an afternoon learning how they bake biscotti. We spend mornings at the local farms learning about the roles cattle and pigs play with the keeping of The New Forest. We help to bottle the wine and are an extra voice in the ‘tasting’ pre bottling – one we always jump at, naturally. We are recommended to teeny tiny suppliers via The New Forest Marque such as Chris– who makes honey from local bees from around The New Forest. We enjoy coffee together, and genuine friendships are formed.

Knowing each and every supplier personally, understanding how their products are made, sharing their story with our customers, and knowing that they get a real burst of joy from orders we place with them, when we get orders too.

Running a small business is an incredibly exciting journey, but also one that comes with many challenges, hurdles, it can be lonely, you don’t have big teams to support you – however what I love about our community of local suppliers – is the support we all give each other. We all have the same goals, and that’s why we all work together.

One thing that I know, hand on heart, that buying local really genuinely has such a positive impact, and is integral to our local economy, and keeping these brilliant suppliers in business.

We don't have huge corporate 'targets' to hit, it's not a numbers game, and we would never squeeze suppliers for their margins. We pay what their products are worth to them. (Never any less. That's not 'supporting' local.)

Flora | Founder at The Forest Foodie

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