A Celebration of Pannage Pork

A little bit of New Forest tradition / history for you... the ancient practice of pannage involves commoners (people who occupy the land which gives them the rights to turn their animals out onto the forest) releasing pigs into the forests to eat the fallen acorns and nuts - as they are poisenous to the cows and ponies that free roam. The tradition dates back to William the Conqueror who founded the New Forest in 1079. Pannage pork - similar to 'Iberico' is a real delicacy, the flavours are intensified by the diet of acorns, the meat is darker and more tender and is pretty lean also.



From Salt to Smoke Pannage Pork Charcuterie, Slow Cooked IOW Toms, Burrata, Tomato Stall Tomato Relish, Hoxton Sourdough

Main Course:


Rolled Pannage Pork Loin with Garlic & Sage, Cripsy Bon Bons made with Slow Cooked Pannage Pork Shoulder, New Forest Mushroom Sauce, Rosemary Hasselback Potatoes, Roasted Celeriac Boulangère, Honey roasted Baby Carrots


Treacle Tart, New Forest Ice Cream


Min 4 people: £48.50 per head.

**Pre orders essential before 25th November**

 (NB. Dates TBC depending on when Pannage season ends)

Producers: From Salt to Smoke, The Tomato Stall, Hoxton Bakehouse, The Commoners Larder, Ferndene Farm Shop, New Forest Mushrooms, New Forest Ice Cream